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Always outside the box trying to make the internet a better place to be since 1995! Offering a plethora of services specializing in graphic design, website design, social media management, photography retouching, artist management and Mac consulting.


In 2015 Girlwerks Media Hosting Services went GREEN!  Now hosting sites with 100% Wind Energy!


Film and Event Production

Siouxzan is also a successful producer/promoter whose accomplishments range from the production of the Russ Meyer classic, Beyond The Valley of the Dolls Fox DVD box set release and subsequent tour in 2006 to the now-popular Weekend At Sinatra’s event series in Palm Springs. Siouxzan is also the exclusive owner of Tura Satana's estate, likeness and image. In addition, she is a producer on the TURA! documentary along with Tropico Film & YOMYOMF.


As Tura Satana’s long-time manager, friend, and confidant. Siouxzan has represented many of the “Russ Meyer” women, including Kitten Natividad, Haji, Erica Gavin, and Cynthia Myers, as well as actress Kim Darby and many others.


She has curated numerous art shows including the three TURA! TURA! TURA! exhibitions dedicated to Tura Satana.

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