To all the fabulous people I have had the pleasure of working with through the years.

You've made my job so much FUN!

client list in no particular order

Thank you!

Kim Darby

Lori Alan

Erin Moran

Tai Babilonia

David Brenner

Ronee Blakley

pat benatar & Neil Giraldo

kitten natividad

Johnny Crawford

gary beeber

M Modern Gallery

Ten-In-One Productions

Iconic Atomic Palm Springs

Beau Weaver

tropico Film

Tura Satana

Erica Gavin

Fox Movie Channel

Marriott Hotels

Lethal Amounts

Lori Williams

Marcia McBroom

Cynthia Myers

Harrison Page

John La Zar

the hungry & horny show

Music Unlimited

stephanie miller

kevin fretz

wonderama palm springs

Tura Satana Productions

tiki broker

super amanda

hal lifson

ohana tees

chase masterson

Grrl Genius/Cathryn Michon

Betsy Nichol Design

helen macfarlane art

eva moeseneder

ic clothing co.

Varese Sarabande Records

Coral Sands Motel-Palm Springs

Crosby Management Group

Latherloft - santa monica

Prudential California Realty

Specialty Vehicle Engineering, Inc.

tonga hut palm springs

jennifer hale

cody jarrett

susan anton

Jerry Galanti

Bill Ratner

Fia Perera

Marianne Curan

Wendy Hammers

Sugar Boxx- The Movie

Sunny Bak Studios

tricia leigh fisher

Bill Macfarlane

Rachelle Spector

soroe studio

weekend At Sinatra’s

Medu Sirena The Fire eating mermaid

Hamburger's Specialty Vehicles, Inc.

sc locations


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